‘I Ship It’ is every fangirl’s new anthem

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This Icona Pop parody is proof that “shipping” fictional characters is now totally part of the mainstream. 

You may remember Icona Pop’s “I Love It” as the ridiculously danceable breakup song made famous on HBO’s Girls, but now, thanks to YouTube channel notliterally, it’s a fangirl anthem. 

The channel’s awesome parody song, “I Ship It,” is proof that “shipping” fictional characters is now totally part of the mainstream. This video speaks to everyone who’s ever watched a TV show and decided that two characters were totally meant for each other—even if they were a pair of straight dudes, or had never actually met on-screen. 

I got this feeling at like 3am while watching Netflix.

I drew some porny fanart and I wrote some smutty fanfic.

Can’t help it, I just think that they would make such a good pair,

In canon they have never met—

I don’t care, I ship it. I don’t care!

We’ll be very surprised if this doesn’t end up on the iPods of half of Tumblr fandom by the end of the week. Who needs the original when you’ve got lyrics like “I know that they are siblings but I think there’s something more”?  

Screengrab via notliterally/YouTube

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