“Comic Book Shop” is a thoroughly enjoyable but family friendly ode to Marvel, DC, and more.

Normally, Dragon Con TV is set up to bring highlights of the venerable geek convention. But Saturday, as part of an exhibition in the con’s “Page to Stage” contest, where superhero cosplayers get their chance to shine, DC TV took comic book geekdom to a whole new level.

“Comic Book Shop” is a stylish YouTube parody that turns Macklemore’s hit “Thrift Shop” into a love song to geek culture.

Filmed in an actual comic book shop in Smyrna, Ga., the video offers a clever litany of comic book references (“One man’s Nightwing is another man’s Red Hood”), and it’s a thoroughly enjoyable but family friendly ode to Marvel, DC, and more.

The parody also closely follows the original Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’s video; near the end, rapper Wanz’s pimp suit becomes a hilarious Bane in a faux-leopard coat.

But the best part is that “Comic Shop” dedicates some verses to shaming the idea of a fake geek girl:

I call that being a bully and a hypocrite
I call that being a big dumb idiot
That girl’s a reader, yo!
And keeping her from reading what she wants in a book is a hella don’t

Geek game, come take a look through my Bat-scope
Try to stop girls being fans?
Man you hella won’t

We call that frakkin’ awesome.

Screengrab via YouTube

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