Lego approves fan’s suggestion for first ‘Doctor Who’ set

Soon you'll be able to have adventures in time and space with Lego.

Mar 1, 2020, 10:59 am*

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Lisa Granshaw

For the first time in Doctor Who’s 52-year history, the science fiction franchise is joining the world of Lego with a set that will be released later this year. Lego announced the news Wednesday as part of its latest Lego Ideas Review results.

The set, called “Doctor Who and Companions,” was proposed by fan Andrew Clark on the Lego Ideas website. The site has produced popular sets that fill gaps in Lego’s mainstream offerings, like the Research Institute scientists. Lego Ideas accepts fan proposals for new products and offers them up for others to vote on, with proposals that receive 10,000 votes going to Lego for review and potential production.

Clark’s set isn’t the first Doctor Who idea to be proposed on the website, but it is the only one approved so far. 

Clark’s set included the TARDIS, K9, a Dalek, and two possible Doctor-and-companion minifigure pairs. Clark proposed that the set include a recent Doctor, such as the Tenth Doctor or the Twelfth Doctor, with a matching companion like Rose Tyler or Clara Oswald, in addition to a classic Doctor like the Fourth Doctor and a companion like Sarah Jane Smith. He also raised the possibility of a Cyberman or Weeping Angel minifigure.

Lego has yet to announce exactly what will be included in the final approved set, but the company said in its press release that the BBC–Lego licensing agreement would enable the set to be produced before the year ends. Pricing, availability, and an exact release date will be revealed at a future date.

Clark’s designs might not be exactly what we find in the final product, but one look at them makes it clear what finally won Lego over. The TARDIS, in particular, will have you hoping that Lego keeps some of his clever designs! You can see more photos below and learn more about Clark’s proposal on the Lego Ideas website.

H/T RadioTimes | Photo via Doctor Who and Companions/Lego Ideas

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