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At a press event for American Gods on Monday, co-showrunner Bryan Fuller revealed a very cool detail about the show’s soundtrack. Debbie Harry and Garbage’s Shirley Manson recorded an original disco track for the season finale.

Fuller describes the song as “Giorgio Moroder-inspired,” written for a scene with the love goddess Bilquis in 1979. Debbie Harry wrote the lyrics, and recorded her part while touring overseas—meaning that Fuller, a lifelong fan, didn’t actually get to meet her. Shirley Manson previously provided eerie vocals for the show’s title music, composed by Brian Reitzell.

Reitzell created an atmospheric and unusual score for American Gods, and already has one rock star collaboration under his belt. When he worked with Fuller on Hannibal, he wrote a haunting song called “Love Crime” for Siouxsie Sioux, which played over the show’s final scene. He was actually the one who got Debbie Harry involved in American Gods, thanks to his connections in the music world.

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