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The DC universe just got real.

DC wants you to get more excited about their entire universe and, most of all, about their new Suicide Squad, which is why they’ve built a museum around their latest films.

The new DC Universe: The Exhibit at Warner Bros. Studio starts with props and set pieces from this year’s Batman v. Superman flick. That movie sucked so much that probably the nicest thing you can say about it is that it’s a “fascinating failure” but, hey, they’ve got DVD sales to think about. 

Luckily, the DC universe is plenty strong enough to endure a crappy movie (or even a whole franchise of them!), so the hyper-stylized ultra-violence of Suicide Squad still seems like it could make for a really good time.

Take a tour of that world here:

You can also head out to California to see the exhibit.

If you do head out, please don’t be too mean to them about the boring failure of a film that was Batman v. Superman

After all, the studio only made $850 million at the box office from that flop, so the executives may still be sobbing into their swan-feather pillows about the whole thing.

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