Daniel Radcliffe is an unlikely assassin in the trailer for ‘Guns Akimbo’

You may already have seen photos from Daniel Radcliffe‘s upcoming movie Guns Akimbo, because there’s something very obviously memeable about the former Harry Potter star wearing a bathrobe and giant slippers while manically waving a pair of guns. Those pictures have been floating around since 2018, but now we finally have an actual trailer to watch.

Written and directed by Jason Lei Howden, a filmmaker whose last movie was called Deathgasm, this is very clearly a B-movie. Daniel Radcliffe has made a pretty wide range of projects since finishing Harry Potter, so it’s actually not a huge surprise to see him doing something like this between starring in a religious sitcom with Steve Buscemi, and filming a historical prison-escape dramaGuns Akimbo is a quirky action-comedy with obvious video game influences, starring Radcliffe as a slacker who has to fight for his life in an urban death-match, forced into action by a sadistic online fight club.

The general vibe here is like Escape from New York crossed with one of those slightly obnoxious nerd movies where a dweeby gamer gets paired up with an unfeasibly hot, competent woman. In this case, that’s horror star Samara Weaving (Ready or Not), who plays a champion gladiator called Nix. When Radcliffe’s character gets tapped to participate in a livestreamed fight to the death, Nix is the one he has to avoid. But things get even more complicated when (wouldn’t you know it!) his ex-girlfriend gets kidnapped.

Does this movie look silly? Yes, for sure. But the combination of gory action, genre-savvy humor, and a weird Daniel Radcliffe role will definitely find an audience, especially once the film arrives on streaming services.

Guns Akimbo comes out on Feb. 28.


Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

Gavia Baker-Whitelaw

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