Actor Josh Gad recruits Chris Pratt and more to grill Daisy Ridley on ‘Star Wars’ secrets

Daisy Ridley

Screengrabs via JoshGad/Twitter


Actor Josh Gad (Frozen) has been relentless about getting information about The Last Jedi from his Murder on the Orient Express co-star Daisy Ridley, and now he’s recruited even more people to help him.

In his quest for Star Wars news, he’s offered Frozen 2 intel in return and got Dame Judi Dench to ask her about Reylo, but Ridley hasn’t budged. This time around, Gad has taken the setup to his home, where he can fit enough actors and filmmakers to make for a proper roundtable prepared to grill Ridley. Her co-stars, a future director and his movie’s cast, and a franchise name-dropping Chris Pratt all have questions.

The final question comes from someone we thought would know the answer, but given the security surrounding Star Wars, is just as curious as everyone else.

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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