3-year-old Wonder Woman

Screengrab via Josh Rossi/YouTube


We hope every dad thinks of his little girl as a brave, independent, and capable. Josh Rossi, a professional photographer and digital artist, certainly does, and he even went a step further, helping his 3-year-old, Nellee, transform into a tiny Wonder Woman

With the help of a jaw-dropping, $1,500 hand-made costume and an elaborate photo shoot, Rossi recreated a number of Gal Gadot’s key moments from her debut in Batman v Superman. Add a little digital magic, and Nellee goes from being a cherubic toddler to a tiny goddess of war. 

Josh Rossi/YouTube

Josh Rossi/YouTube

Josh Rossi/YouTube

Rossi told the Huffington Post that he and Nellee usually do a birthday photo shoot, but they missed it this year because of Rossi’s workload. He decided to make it up to her by setting up this incredible project for Halloween. 

You can see how the photos came together in the YouTube video below. 

Our fingers are crossed that the costume still fits by the time the new Wonder Woman movie debuts next summer. 

H/T Huffington Post 

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