Helicopter mod is giving us lovely views of Cities: Skylines

A personal whirlybird means players can examine their cities up close.


Dennis Scimeca

Internet Culture

Published Apr 7, 2015   Updated May 29, 2021, 3:21 am CDT

A first-person view from within a helicopter is making for wonderful urban tours in Cities: Skylines.

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The enthusiasm the city sim game—one that meets expectations, unlike 2013’s SimCityhas led to an explosion of creative mods for and huge builds in the game. A new mod from Cities: Skylines builder Nisquity isn’t concerned with buildings, but rather with introducing a new way to explore the cities players are rapidly constructing.

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The CityCopter mod only has an alpha build right now (a very early version that may be radically different from the final product), but a demonstration of the alpha version shows the mod’s potential. It looks very similar to flying around Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V in a small, nimble helicopter. That’s meant as high praise.

CityCopter has its own subreddit, which you can follow for more information on the project and its progress.

Cities: Skylines was released for PC on March 10 and was announced two days later as the fastest-selling game ever published by Paradox Interactive.

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Screengrab via Nisquity/YouTube

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*First Published: Apr 7, 2015, 4:09 pm CDT