Cards Against Humanity’s dark humor is funding a woman’s science scholarship

The folks behind Cards Against Humanity must not be as bad as people might assume from the game they create, because the company has just announced that it intends to fund a full scholarship for a woman studying science.

Called the Science Ambassador Scholarship, the program is open to female undergrads enrolled in college by fall 2017. Candidates can enter by making a three-minute video of themselves talking about a topic in the sciences they are passionate about. The deadline for submissions is Dec.11, so if you’re considering throwing your hat into the ring you have a few months to plan.

After the deadline is up, the videos will be reviewed by a board of sixty women who work professionally in science and engineering. After that, 10 finalists will be chosen to submit additional materials and compete for the big win.

Cards Against Humanity is funding the project with sales from its $10 Science Expansion set, which it created in with Bad Astronomy‘s Phil Plait and SMBC’s Zach Weinersmith. According to its website, the pack has raised more than $973,000 so far.

Colette Bennett

Colette Bennett

Colette Bennett is a writer/editor who specializes in web culture, skincare, and all things geek. Her work has appeared on CNN, HLN, Engadget, Kotaku, Colourlovers, and Continue Magazine. She also writes horror and sci-fi fiction for Corona Books and is at work on her second novel.