Captain America shield pizza is the perfect way to get psyched for ‘Age of Ultron’

Forget shawarma! This pizza will fulfill your Avengers: Age of Ultron food needs.

Avengers: Age of Ultron is almost here, so why not celebrate by adding a superhero twist to your next meal?

Rosanna Pansino, host of the YouTube geek baking show Nerdy Nummies, has the recipe for a Captain America-inspired pizza that’s perfect for any Marvel fan.

Pansino explains in her video that, with Age of Ultron on the horizon, she’s been receiving a lot of requests from viewers to make something Avengers-themed. Her solution: a pizza that resembles Cap’s famous shield.

Pepperoni, sauce, cheese, and olives serve as the decorations to get the shield’s look just right. Pansino helpfully lists the necessary ingredients in the video’s description, but she also goes through everything in the video, walking you through the steps for making your own delicious shield.

The result is a tasty-looking pizza shield that probably won’t last long on any kitchen table.

Pansino is no stranger to creating geeky treats, of course. Her channel is full of videos for everything from Adventure Time Lumpy Space Princess cheesecake to Legend of Zelda Triforce lemon bars.

H/T Laughing Squid | Screengrab via Rosanna Pansino/YouTube

Lisa Granshaw

Lisa Granshaw

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