Boyfriend turns girlfriend into Disney princess

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Brian Flynn wins the best boyfriend of the year award.

When it came time to decide on a birthday present for his girlfriend, Manini Gupta, Flynn knew he couldn’t just go the boring route with dinner and a necklace. Instead Flynn reached out to his childhood friend and artist to create a few portraits of his girlfriend portrayed as different Disney princesses—and it’s the best gift ever.

Seeing that they are both Disney fans, the present was perfect. Not to mention they are as cute as ever, and look like they belong in a fairytale. 

The works are from Dylan Bonner, an illustrator and designer who delightfully recreates Disney princess characters, Audrey Hepburn, and even Rihanna.

Kudos to you Flynn, you just made your girlfriend very happy. Good luck topping this present next year.

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Kristen Hubby

Kristen Hubby

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