Fans dressed up for ‘Black Panther’s opening night—and they looked incredible

More than two weeks after Hollywood wore “royal attire” to the Black Panther world premiere, fan finally got to see the movie Thursday night and celebrated with a mix of cosplay and African-inspired outfits of their own.

While Marvel always has strong showings at the movies, the launch of Black Panther—the first Marvel Cinematic Universe film centering around a black superhero—was an event. And fans who saw the movie—some who were finally seeing themselves reflected on-screen for the first time—marked the occasion in style.

Some fans used the hashtag #WakandaCameToSlay, which was created by culture critic Tora Shae, to share their outfits and see what else people wore.

They wore T-shirts that celebrated Black Panther and Wakanda, wore traditional dresses, shirts, and pants that paid tribute to their heritage, and dressed up like King T’Challa, Princess Shuri, and the Dora Milaje.

One fan took inspiration from Coming to America’s royal family for his Black Panther premiere cosplay.

Black Panther made an estimated $25 million Thursday night with predictions that its opening weekend will be historic. And now that it’s out, fans will be prepared to see it again and again.

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Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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