BB-8 gets a glimpse of life on Mars at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

bb8 nasa jpl

Screengrab via Disney Movies Anywhere/YouTube

Watch BB-8 meet up with a replica of NASA’s Curiosity rover.

BB-8 visited NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory last month, and now you can watch the adorable footage of him meeting Maggie, the JPL’s earthbound double of the Curiosity Rover on Mars.

Everyone’s favorite ball droid got a tour of the lab, giving us a look at how NASA engineers build robots that can thrive on the dusty surface of other planets. We also get to see how Curiosity takes its famous selfies.

BB-8 was basically designed to be as cute and lovable as possible, but this NASA video is a strong reminder that it’s super easy to get attached to any robot, even if they look like a jumble of exposed engine parts. We expect some cute BB-8/Curiosity fanart any day now.

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