‘Back to the Future Part III’ meets ‘Westworld’ in the mashup that had to happen


Maybe the wild, wild west wasn’t the only thing to turn Marty McFly’s life on its head.

Back to the Future Part III is already a western on its own, but add in the intricacies and technological advancements of Westworld and you’ve got a completely different reality on your hands—as well as the mashup we’re dying to see. Just who are the hosts in Hill Valley? Is Buford Tannen the Man in Black, or is he just another guest who paid to take over the town? And what is Doc doing behind the scenes with Westworld creative director Dr. Robert Ford? He’s surely not just a blacksmith in 1885. And how does Marty fit into all this, if he even knows he’s in Westworld?

This is heavy.

H/T The Mary Sue

Michelle Jaworski

Michelle Jaworski

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