Australia just can’t stop having sex to the ‘Star Wars’ Cantina band

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What are the best songs to make love to? Anything from Barry White works (if you can hold in the laughter). Marvin Gaye is a classic, and those who are more attuned to today’s music can get down to the Weeknd. Some people even dig Olivia Newton-John. But if you’re a Star Wars fan—and if you happen to be Australian— there’s only one band that’s going to put you in the mood.

And it’s the Star Wars Cantina band.

That, anyway, is the word from Spotify, which reported that Australians love banging to Frank Ocean, Trey Songz, and Kings of Leon. But also these dudes.

Apparently, it’s not even a particularly close contest.

“But for those who want to get right down to business,” Spotify said, via Gizmodo, “‘Cantina Band’ from the Star Wars: A New Hope Soundtrack, by John Williams, takes out the No. 1 spot on the top sexy time playlists, by a landslide.”

Really it kind of makes sense when you read how the Star Wars Wiki characterizes this style of music. It writes that it’s “an upbeat, swinging genre of music, most notably performed by Figrin D’an and the Modal Nodes and the Max Rebo Band.” Sounds spicy, but not necessarily sexy, right? But then we learned the name of the music, and it all made sense. The name of the music styling (and we’re absolutely not making this up)? Jizz.

H/T Gizmodo 

Josh Katzowitz

Josh Katzowitz

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