See the first teaser for ‘Attack on Titan’ season 3

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If you were worried you’d be in for another multi-year wait for more Attack on Titan, you’re in luck. A new teaser released by FUNimation reveals Attack on Titan season 3 is coming in 2018.

The teaser is a short 15 seconds of captured moments from the series. We see Eren’s bloodied face, snapshots of the scouts primed for a fight, an eerie hint at the origin of the newest titans, and Eren in full titan form facing down the Armored Titan.

The teaser is artfully done, revealing almost nothing of what to expect, but with enough hints to get the hype going again. And though it does not give a specific release date, at least we know the new season will be here some time next year.

Of course some fans are still waiting for season 2 to hit Netflix—the place many people initially discovered the show. Once it does appear, you can rest assured that more Attack on Titan is already on the way.

H/T Kotaku

Nahila Bonfiglio

Nahila Bonfiglio

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