‘Aquaman’ director James Wan brushes off rumor that he’s quitting project

james wan

Photo via James Wan/Twitter

‘The Flash’ just lost its director, and now there are rumors about ‘Aquaman’ as well. Is the DC franchise in trouble?

Warner Bros.’ The Flash lost its director last week, with Seth Grahame-Smith departing due to the most classic of Hollywood euphemisms: “creative differences.” Then, just one day later, a rumor surfaced that James Wan was facing similar problems on Aquaman. Was the Justice League franchise in jeopardy?

Following the critical and financial disappointment of Batman v Superman, this rumor was all too plausible. Devin Faraci at Birth. Movies Death., reported that “multiple, reliable sources” had told him Wan was “feeling a tremendous amount of trepidation about Aquaman.” And as Faraci pointed out, Aquaman needs Wan more than Wan—the director of the hugely lucrative Fast 7—needs Aquaman.

After a few days of radio silence, Wan has responded to the rumor. That Aquaman selfie looks like a pretty clear sign that he’s still onboard.

Batman v Superman disappointed a lot of DC Comics fans, so it’s no surprise that there’s a certain morbid thirst to see the Justice League franchise crash and burn. But for now, it seems that things are still on track—although perhaps less so for The Flash, which needs a new director.

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