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How to harness Wattson’s abilities in Apex Legends

Everything you need to know for this shocking new legend.


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Published Jul 5, 2019   Updated May 20, 2021, 9:14 am CDT

Apex Legends season 2 is here and, I’ll admit, I’m interested in getting back into Respawn’s surprise hit battle royale after falling off midway through season 1. Thankfully, there’s a new legend to help returning players approach battles from a different angle. We’ve put some time into playing Wattson, an electrifying new legend in Apex Legends, and we’ve whipped up a guide that should help you improve your game with her.

Apex Legends: Wattson abilities

Like any other legend, Wattson has three abilities that help set her apart: a passive ability, an active ability, and a game-changing ultimate.

apex legends wattson abilities guide strategy

Wattson passive ability: Spark of genius

Wattson’s passive ability is, if you’ll excuse the pun, a spark of genius. The electrical conduits she’s got coursing through her outfit help her charge abilities faster, and this has some cool implications. Stand near one of her “Interception Pylons” (more on that below), and her active ability will charge faster, allowing her to place more electrical barriers. If you use even just one ultimate accelerant, Wattson’s ultimate ability automatically hits 100%. Nice for when you’ve got one on hand and know you’re near a fight.

apex legends wattson abilities tips

Wattson tactical ability: Perimeter security

These are basically really cheeky electric fences that will damage and slow down any enemy who passes through them, plus they notify you when they’ve been triggered. You can set up to 12 poles that will transmit electricity between them, but Wattson only has four charges at a time, so that means you’ll have to wait just a bit before making your maniacal rat maze.

Wattson and her teammates can thankfully go through these barriers with no problem, but not barriers placed by an enemy Wattson. Those will be color coded red instead of blue.

apex legends wattson abilities interception pylon

Wattson ultimate ability: Interception pylon

For her ultimate, Wattson throws down a large pylon-like contraption that will instantly destroy any incoming projectile—except for bullets, apparently. This includes enemy ultimates like Bangalore’s “Rolling Thunder” and Gibraltar’s “Defensive Bombardment.” Grenades will also be destroyed. Bullets are evidently too small and quick to get zapped though, so it’s not exactly going to make you invincible.

A little bonus: It also helps recharge you and your squadmates’ shields while standing near it.

Just be wary. The pylon can be destroyed fairly quickly if a team is focusing fire on it.

wattson apex new legend

How to play Wattson effectively: Tips and tricks

The first thing to realize about Wattson is she massively favors defensive play, which is great because so much of Apex Legends focuses on being aggressive and overwhelming your enemies. While her abilities will have a limited use in the early stages of a match, her electrical fences and pylon have the potential to rock the late stages thanks to the shrunken playing area and limited movement.

Here are a few random things we’ve learned from playing Wattson that should help you gain the edge on opponents.

  • Use Wattson’s perimeter fences to funnel enemies into a position you can control more effectively. If you know you’re going to meet enemies in the bunker hallways, for example, you should be laying fences down at as many choke points as possible. In more open areas, you be able to create literal funnels that force players toward a specific area of your choosing.
  • Place the nodes of your perimeter fences on the inside of buildings so enemies can’t shoot at the bases and destroy them. Force their hand.
  • Alternatively, if you know the enemy is inside a building, trap them inside by placing fences on the opposite side of the wall.
  • If you have an interception pylon and it looks like the final few circles will be indoors, don’t be afraid to play it early. Apex players love to spam their remaining grenades if they think they’ve got the enemy cornered. Nullify that option for them and take the fight back. I especially love playing the pylon at the entrance to the Bunker, since a common strategy is to wait for someone to come out and spam them with grenades if they get pushed back.
  • Play an interception pylon when you have to revive a downed squadmate. That way, if an enemy decides to go for a double kill with a grenade, it’ll get zapped and you’ll be given a few more precious seconds to retake the fight. It’s wise to stay near the pylon too since it will recharge shields.
  • Place a perimeter fence right outside a Wraith portal and you’ll effectively hinder any wayward travelers.
apex legends wattson tips

Best Wattson combinations with other legends

Let’s not forget that Apex Legends is a team-focused game. You’ve got two other roles to fill, and it pays to bounce abilities off of each other in effective ways. Here’s who you want to pair up with the most if you’re playing Wattson.

  • Caustic: The man with the gas problem gets a significant boost in favorability with Wattson by his side. Use Wattson’s electrical fences to force players into areas that are similarly riddled with gas traps laid by Caustic. At worst, you’ve forced your enemies to waste time and stealth by shooting electrical nodes and avoiding gas canisters. At best, you’ve forced them into an unruly gauntlet that would discombobulate even the most coordinated team.
  • Lifeline: If you’re stuck in a bad spot and you’re not sure how to get out, remember to place Wattson’s interception pylon, and then immediately follow that up with Lifeline’s health-refilling medic bot once bullets start flying. Since the pylon recharges shields and the medic bot recharges health, you may be able to stave off any of your health being chipped away by errant enemy gunshots.
  • Gibraltar: If you’re just being dumped on by artillery, Gibraltar’s bubble shield provides a meaningful defense against a first wave, but remember to pop Wattson’s pylon afterward to zap any extra grenades or artillery flares from persistent enemies.
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*First Published: Jul 5, 2019, 3:02 pm CDT