Adult Swim voice actor, animator C. Martin Croker passes away

C. Martin Croker passed away on Sunday morning at the age of 54. Adult Swim offshoot made an announcement on Twitter noting his sudden passing.

The voice actor and animator is perhaps best known for his roles as Zorak and Moltar on Space Ghost: Coast to Coast—both roles he reprised for its various spinoffs. A pivotal part of Cartoon Network’s rebranding and refocusing on making late night programming for more mature audiences, Croker had continued to lend his talents to such programs as Aqua Teen Hunger Force voicing Dr. Weird and Steve.

Adult Swim has planned a brief tribute for Croker. In honor of his passing, Cartoon Network will be airing the first episode of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast late Sunday night at 12:30am. 

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Understandably, fans are clamoring for more from the voice of Space Ghost’s most eviscerating foils. Adult Swim’s Facebook post has been flooded with comments requesting a marathon of Space Ghost: Coast to Coast, which saw its heyday in the mid-’90s.

As the AV Club notes, unless you have the DVDs, episodes of the game-changing show are hard to come by and Adult Swim isn’t one to run reruns of the program or its spinoffs. Here’s hoping the network listens to its fans and brings back the show that defined Adult Swim.

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