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‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ is coming back!
‘A war left unfinished.... until now.’
Gail Simone ditches Marvel, DC for ‘Catalyst Prime’ superhero universe
She's now in charge of Lion Forge's diverse comics.
Millie Bobby Brown stars in eerie new Godzilla teaser
The new Godzilla movie introduces a ton of classic monsters.
The new She-Ra cartoon isn’t sexy enough for some men
Male complaints spark online counter-protest.
Netflix just announced 5 Mark Millar comic adaptations
They're starting with the adult superhero series Jupiter's Legacy.
Mothergunship is irresistible, fresh, and fun as hell
The latest roguelike FPS from Terrible Posture Games feels destined to be a cult classic.
Rising sea levels are threatening our internet infrastructure
Key internet infrastructure could be completely submerged in fewer than 15 years.
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