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How our favorite ‘Star Wars’ fanfic ships are doing after ‘The Last Jedi’
From Finn/Poe and Reylo to the new pairings of 'The Last Jedi.'
1 in 4 California teens show signs of gender nonconforming
More than one in four California youth don't identify with society's gender norms.
Carrie Fisher’s dog saw ‘The Last Jedi’ and loved it
'The Last Jedi' gets two paws up from this dog.
Popular Twitch gamer admits to infidelity on livestream
He said he plans to take some time off to focus on his family.
Luke Skywalker’s beard holds a clue in ‘The Last Jedi’
Warning: This post includes spoilers for 'The Last Jedi.'
You need to pay attention to the space jewelry in ‘The Last Jedi’
Rose Tico's jewelry tells us a lot about the politics of 'The Last Jedi.' (Includes spoilers.)
Artificial intelligence helped NASA discover a planetary system like our own
One small step for neural networks, one giant leap for mankind.
Pokémon Crystal will come to Nintendo 3DS in January
Now you can finally catch 'em all!
Ryan Reynolds shares Deadpool’s first move after Disney buys Fox
The Merc with the Mouth is already in trouble.
Disney acquires 21st Century Fox in historic deal
Disney will get all of Fox's film and TV productions, among other properties.
NASA astronauts will get to watch ‘Star Wars: Last Jedi’ in space
These space travelers have the best seats in the universe!
‘The Punisher’ has been renewed for season 2
Fans are begging for Netflix to bring Karen Page over to the team fulltime.
A ‘She-Ra’ reboot will debut on Netflix in 2018
"For the honor of Grayskull!"
BB-8 bows to Princes William and Harry at the ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ premiere
When 'Star Wars' royalty and British royalty collide...
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