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‘Game of Thrones’ Red Keep comes to life in Lego form
It took around 800 hours and 125,000 blocks to create.
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The ‘Westworld’ creators reveal which host was operating with free will
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‘Riverdale’ may bring witchcraft and ‘Lovecraftian horrors’ into the Archie universe
Season 2 may introduce Sabrina the Teenage Witch or even some supernatural elements.
Could another member of the group betray Rick on ‘The Walking Dead’?
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Review: Has-Been Heroes is a challenging and charming indie adventure
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Tomi Lahren has reportedly been fired from the Blaze over her pro-choice remarks
Conservatives and liberals have been upset with Lahren.
Scientists turn spinach leaf into human heart tissue, a potentially big discovery
Spinach is tasty. And could potentially save your life.
Why Marvel’s new America Chavez comic is essential reading
America Chavez's offers action/adventure stories with a queer, feminist slant.
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No one parodies ‘Gaston’ like Deadpool
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