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Petition calls for Apple to make a Baby Yoda emoji
The petition's creator argues that Baby Yoda 'stole our hearts' and now must 'steal our keyboard space.'
Inside Dolby’s big ‘Star Wars’ retrospective exhibition
The free installment brings 'Star Wars' to life in exciting ways.
‘Rick and Morty’ attempts to contain its dragon with mixed results in episode 4
A talking dragon and a talking cat are the stars of the latest 'Rick and Morty.'
Why Tumblr is totally obsessed with 2 characters from Stephen King’s ‘It’
Over on Tumblr, Richie and Eddie from 'It' are more popular than Marvel or Star Wars.
Game developer Chucklefish accused of whitewashing characters of color
The company says its announcement was 'insensitive and poorly communicated.'
This new video game apparently lets you play Jesus
'Bruh how you supposed to beat the cross level?'
This new Chinese video game lets players attack Hong Kong protesters
The game utilizes Chinese government propaganda by showing shadowy American figures giving protesters cash.
Ethan Klein has declared war on K-pop—and K-pop fans
'I’m just going to say it right now; I don’t like K-pop. I hate K-pop.'
Angela Abar wrestles with destiny in ‘Watchmen’ episode 8
Oceans rise, empires fall, and Dr. Manhattan is still using his superpowers to pursue much-younger women.
Embody Andrew Yang, fight other presidential candidates in video game
'Video games cause violence, and so do I,' Trump says during the boss battle.
Brother Nature was attacked, says everyone just watched with phones out
Video shows Brother Nature being attacked while in a pizza shop.
Amazon sends customers condoms and soap instead of Nintendo Switch
One customer contacted the police to investigate the 'fraud.'
Here’s everything you need to know about virtual reality sex
The future is here, and it's teledildonic.
Guy gets mocked for tattoo of Baby Yoda drinking White Claw
'A sadder tattoo there has never been.'
How ‘Knives Out’ costume designer Jenny Eagan crafted the coziest film of 2019
Pulling on the threads of 'Knives Out's famous knitwear.
Tom Holland on the ‘drunk’ phone call that led to Spider-Man staying in the MCU
He opens up on the role he played to get Sony and Disney to talk again.
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