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‘Watchmen’ website expands what you know about its alt-history
The history between the comic and the show is starting to form.
Wet Kylo Ren may turn everyone to the dark side
It's the stand-out meme from the new trailer.
Who is Babu Frik, the adorable, teeny mechanic from ‘Rise of Skywalker’?
This tiny Anzellan is already stealing our hearts.
What is going on with C-3PO in the final trailer for ‘The Rise of Skywalker’?
Who would've thought we'd be so emotional over the old protocol droid?
Rose Tico returns in the final ‘Rise of Skywalker’ trailer
Fans were worried that she didn't appear in earlier trailers, but now we know more about her role.
Pokémon Go player fatally shot after witnessing robbery
Police are requesting help in identifying potential suspects.
Review: The Outer Worlds is so much more than ‘Fallout in space’
In this sprawling, surprising adventure, conversations are often better than combat.
How Watchmen’s Bass Reeves cameo ties into the original comic
The first episode's film-within-a-film ties into the comic's vision of alt-history pop culture.
Vin Diesel stars in the first trailer for comic book movie ‘Bloodshot’
Say hello to the first movie in the Valiant Comics superhero franchise.
If you have doubts about HBO’s ‘Watchmen,’ give it more time
Episode 1 introduces a politically dubious concept, but the series changes a lot as it progresses.
Jared Leto reportedly tried to stop ‘Joker’ from happening
Reports suggest the 'Suicide Squad' Joker was jealous.
‘Joker’ stairs latest Instagram spot; locals joke about potential robberies
'Please make sure you’re carrying cash. And don’t be worried about the locals around the area they’re nice individuals.'
13 spooky romance games for adults
Indulge your inner monster lover.
Step aside Fortnite; Gamers are making battle royales horny
Are you ready for the hentai battle royale?
Paul Dano will play the Riddler in ‘The Batman’
He'll star alongside Robert Pattinson's Batman and Zoë Kravitz's Catwoman.
How Fakku pulled classic dating game True Love ’95 out of licensing hell
The game is set for rerelease as soon as this month.
Trolls accuse cosplayer of ‘appropriating’ Joker culture (updated)
She clapped back with a Jar Jar Binks costume.
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