People immediately went to YouTube to rewatch videos featuring Steve Jobs, who died today. 

YouTubers flocked to videos of Steve Jobs following the announcement of his death tonight.

Steve Job’s 2005 Stanford Commencement address, which already had 6 million views, was a popular spot for YouTubers to post their condolences. Viewing data has been disabled on the commencement video, indicating a spike in viewership, and at least a dozen comments were made every minute.

The top liked comment on that video at the time of publication was mpreed87’s:

“You are our Prometheus – our Davinci – our Henry Ford. Thank you for making the digital renaissance possible. RIP”

“Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve. RIP Jobs” wrote PlayerComps2011 on the same video.

Steve Jobs’ introduction of Macintosh, in 1984, was also a popular video for YouTubers to leave their well wishes, as was Apple’s 1984 advertisment.   

“A real revolutionary and creator, undoubtedly, the end of an era” commented Pacoy69 on Job’s introductory video.

“I spent days drawing on this thing while it was lent to my college up in canada. This thing was the top of the computer chain at the time and it’s ease of use probably was what inspired some nanosoft kids at the time. Thanks steve for your integrity and vision. i am losing a role model”  wrote MrJaws170 on the same video.

“Steve has amazing belief in Apple in this interview, even after being away for 10 years and it’s stock failing,” commented cmccallion about an interview with Steve Jobs, before he returned to Apple. “Simply amazing how he turned it around by “innovating”. You will be missed.”

Job’s death also unfortunately brought out the Internet trolls, who post comments to get attention and provoke others. Many of these trolls left messages like “Will it blend?” referring to the Internet meme, on various videos related to Jobs.

Defending Jobs against the onslaught of trolls on an August news clip announcing Job’s resignation, roxie2003 wrote:

“Such disrespect for a man that made a lot of our lives a little easier. RIP Steve. (i am typing this on my amazing macbook while syncing new songs to my ipod).”

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