Seven years later, the video-sharing site sees 72 hours of video uploaded every minute.

How old is 7 in YouTube years?

May 21 is the company’s birthday, and it’s celebrating the only way it knows how: with a video.

“Like many 7 year olds around the world, we’re growing up so fast!,” the YouTube team wrote on May 20 in a celebratory blog post.  

“We’ve come [a long] way in the past 7 years. What started as a handful of videos shared among friends has transformed into a global platform delivering the next generation of channels to anyone, anywhere, and on any device.”

More than 72 hours of video are now uploaded onto the site every minute, the blog post pointed out.

YouTube’s special birthday video chronicles the company’s history, from its conception in a garage to Google’s acquisition and its transformation into the entertainment powerhouse and citizen journalism platform it is today.

YouTubers have taken to leaving congratulatory messages in the comments section of the video. User thealambrix wrote, “YouTube: Thank you for making my every single day!”

Besides the celebratory video, YouTubers have flocked to the original first two videos uploaded onto the site, “Me at the zoo” and “My Snowboarding Skillz,”  to pay their respects.

“With this 19-second clip, the Internet changed forever,”  FutureNewsAnchor commented on “Me at the zoo.”

Photo via Aih.

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