Yeti customer says you should never drink carbonated beverages out of one

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‘I would have this massive brain fog’: Yeti customer says you should never drink carbonated beverages out of one

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Posted on Sep 10, 2023

Yeti tumblers, because they’re made with stainless steel and feature “double-wall vacuum insulation,” do a darn good job of maintaining the temperature of whatever beverage you put inside of them.

Have some hot coffee you want to sip on throughout your work shift? Cups that sport designs like Yeti’s will make sure your drink stays piping hot. The same goes for cold beverages, too, but one TikTok user says that there are some chilled beverages you probably shouldn’t put inside of your Yeti tumbler.

In the video, @5dlightshow3 advises folks against pouring carbonated beverages inside of their Yeti tumblers. The video has amassed more than 2.5 million views since it was posted on Aug. 21.

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He breaks down why slugging down fizzy drinks from the stainless steel cups is a bad idea by sharing a personal anecdote: “If you drink carbonated beverages out of these metal Yeti cups, stop immediately. And I’m gonna tell you why. So I just had a health analysis report done and it came back that I had some traces of metal in my kidneys, liver, and spleen. I started noticing something was off with me because I started twitching in my sleep, like uncontrollably when I go to sleep, and in the mornings like before work I would have this massive brain fog. So I started thinking about these pieces of metal, then next day I’m drinking out of my Yeti cup a carbonated beverage, and I start to notice like a metallic taste.”

The TikToker assumes the carbonation in his beverage was actually eating away at the stainless steel in his cup, which caused him to gulp down trace amounts of metal throughout the years. He thinks this could be contributing to his health woes. “Just so happens the carbonation can actually eat the metal, the metal cup,” he says. “So from drinking carbonated beverages, out of these metal Yeti cups for years, this is how this has happened to me.”

He continues: “If this has happened to you I suggest getting some activated charcoal pills, this is working great, also drinking celery juice. And don’t drink carbonated beverages out of these cups anymore. As a matter of fact, I don’t drink nothing out of it anymore.”

There are several outlets online, however, that state the acid of carbonated beverages such as sodas and seltzers won’t affect the Yeti’s stainless steel design and shouldn’t be corrosive to the cup’s materials. Some resources that do caution against folks putting carbonated drinks in Yetis, but not due to the acid. Instead, some folks are concerned about potential carbon build-up launching the lid off and/or spraying your soda everywhere when you crack it open for a swig.

However, there were some TikTokers who pointed out that Yeti cups do come with warnings that instruct folks not to use them with carbonated beverages, like this person who wrote: “You literally get instructions when you buy yeti to not put carbonated beverages in them.”

Another person mentioned that they noticed a metallic taste in the beverages they sipped from metallic thermos: “I realized that when my coffee started taste metallic in every thermos I bought! So I refused to buy them anymore.”

But there was another person who said that they’ve been using Yeti cups for years, only pouring coffee or water inside of them, and have never had a single problem: “yetis are for coffee or water only in my household and we’ve been using them for 10 years, never once got a metallic taste in my mouth ever.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Yeti via email and @5dlightshow3 via TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Sep 10, 2023, 8:01 pm CDT