job hunter speaking in car with caption 'Unemployment update (lasted 1 serving shift)' 'let me get a server job' (l) job hunter speaking in car with caption 'I lasted one shift as a server and I was like' (c) job hunter speaking in car with caption 'Unemployment update (lasted 1 serving shift)' 'I used to work in restaurants like all throughout high school' (r)

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‘Ppl are on another level now’: Worker returns to serving after 7 years. She lasted 1 shift

‘It was so easy when I was a server like 10 years ago.’


Stacy Fernandez


A content creator and podcaster who’s been looking for jobs after being unemployed for a few months decided to get back into being a restaurant server. Shocked by how rude customers were, she says she quit after one shift.

In the video, Chelsea (@chelseatimboybell) films herself from inside her car. She explains that she’s been unemployed for about four months after working a corporate job for four years.

She decided to try being a waiter again since she worked in restaurants from when she was a 14-year-old teenager to a 25-year-old young adult. Chelsea recalled that customers could be a bit annoying back then, but she made good tip money.

She didn’t want to go back to the corporate world, so she got a shift at a local restaurant.

“I lasted, like, one shift as a server,” she shares in the video.

@chelseatimboybell I worked in restaurants from when i was 14-25 & ppl were annoyiny but ppl are on another level now… i couslnt do it dudes haha. I worked 1 serving shift & was like nope this isnt worth it haha. Back 2 the drawing board🤠chelsea’s joint ep.18 will be out this week🎧 #serverstories #unemployment #unemploymentupdate #findingajob ♬ original sound – Chelsea’s Joint💗

Chelsea says she isn’t sure what happened in the last seven to eight years—aside from the COVID pandemic, which she calls “covi wovi”—but the work atmosphere was notably different.

“People were so rude. Kids, the children at the tables that I was serving, were feral. Literally, I was getting stuff thrown at my face,’ Chelsea explains of her recent shift.

The experience helped her cross restaurant industry gigs off from her potential list of future jobs.

“I think the conclusion is, I just don’t like working,” Chelsea says jokingly. “…If you’re a serve in 2023 I salute you dude. People are the worst when they go out to eat now,”

Toward the end of the video, the creator shares that staying in the serving job “wasn’t worth [her] mental health” and that she was going to record a podcast episode about her experience.

The 2-minute video has garnered more than 9,000 views and dozens of comments since it was first posted yesterday.

Various commenters shared similar sentiments about the service industry.

“From 18-24 I worked service jobs. I could never go back. Having to be on emotionally all day everyday is unsustainable and its weird we expect it,” one person said.

“I was a server for 6 years and I will not be going back no matter how desperate I am for a job,” another shared.

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