Nileseyy Niles Disappears meme in video call

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‘She put this meme and left the f*cking group!’: Worker abruptly quits in work group chat

‘This is the best way to go out!!!!!!’


Braden Bjella


There’s no “correct” way to quit a job. While the accepted wisdom is to give your employer a two-weeks’ notice, recent issues with this practice have led many to try out new and innovative methods for telling one’s job that they’ll no longer be working there.

Several users have gone viral after airing out their grievances before quitting over their stores’ intercoms. One user literally “quiet quit” on her first day by whispering to a receptionist that she quit while handing in her parking pass.

Now, another user has sparked discussion after sharing an additional way to quit: through GIF.

In a since-removed video that garnered over 14,000 views, TikTok user Cece (@pink_diamondsss1) showed a company group chat. Her co-worker, she said, quit by simply sending a GIF of a man disappearing and removing herself from the chat.

“She put this meme and left the fucking group!” Cece laughed. “Like, what?”

The meme in question is “Nileseyy Niles Disappears,” which shows comedian Nileseyy Niles giving a peace sign before fading away.

In the comments section, users supported this method of quitting.

“Love that for her,” wrote one user. “A queen.”

“Girl this is the best way to go out!!!!!!” added another. “I am weak.”

“SHES ICONIC! TELL HER I SAID THAT,” stated a third.

One user offered their own iconic quitting story.

“My co worker quit on Friday by sharing her screen and playing sade while typing her resignation on screen for everyone to see,” recalled a commenter.

The so-called “Great Resignation” is still ongoing.

“Over the course of 2021, more than 47 million people quit their jobs, representing 23% of the total U.S. workforce, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). And in 2022, roughly 38 million more quit,” Lucas Mearian reported for ComputerWorld.

Furthermore, a recent survey from LinkedIn found that 61% of people are considering leaving their job this year. For Gen Z, that number was over 70%.

The Daily Dot reached out to Cece via TikTok comment.

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