Worker gets written up for misspelling co-worker's name on board

‘It was never that serious’: Worker gets written up for misspelling co-workers’ names on board

'None of us get paid enough for all that.'


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Posted on Apr 30, 2023   Updated on May 8, 2023, 10:13 am CDT

A user on TikTok has sparked discussion after claiming he was written up while at work for misspelling his co-workers’ names.

According to TikTok user Luis (, his job has a whiteboard upon which all employees’ names are written so they can schedule when each employee is to take lunch or go on a break.

When Luis walked into work one day, he noticed that no one had written names on the board. He says he took it upon himself to do so, admittedly making some spelling errors in the process.

“It wasn’t even anything crazy. I was just putting, like, an extra ‘r’ or a ‘u-h’ where an ‘h’ should have been,” he says. Bffr 🥸 #luiswtf #work ♬ original sound – luis🇲🇽

Later, when Luis took his lunch break, he says one of his managers convened a meeting to try to see who wrote the names on the board. Another employee took the fall for Luis and claimed they wrote the names on the board.

When Luis returned from lunch, he says he was informed of what happened and approached the manager, saying that he had in fact written the names on the board, not the other employee.

“That manager proceeded to tell me that I was very disrespectful and I’m hurting people’s feelings and all kinds of other things, and then I got a write-up for it,” Luis states. “Bestie. It was never that serious.”

In the comments section, users shared similar stories of over-the-top punishments.

“During covid times I got written up when a customer hugged me, yet my coworker did the same thing but nothing happens,” a user claimed.

“I mean I got let go when my seizures got bad as I had become ‘unreliable,’” another recalled. “As if I could help it.”

A few shared their view that Luis’ manager had overreacted.

“Managers who take their shit too seriously,” a commenter offered. “They are the ones who need to grow up.”

“A write up? Wth…what if you didn’t know how to spell and only wrote it the way its said. Ridiculous!” shared a second.

“Verbal is usually the start of that process.. wtf,” stated a third. “You weren’t even rude.”

We’ve reached out to Luis via email.

Update 10:12am CT May 8: In an email to the Daily Dot, Luis offered more context about the situation.

“This happened at Walmart and I did misspell some of the names on purpose,” he admits. “Nothing harmful, like I said in the video — just added extra letters or spelled it exactly how it sounded.”

“I think a reasonable response from management should have been ‘hey let’s not do that anymore’ or ‘let’s be professional,'” he noted.

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*First Published: Apr 30, 2023, 8:29 am CDT