Worker says she was sent home and told to change over dress code. She was wearing shorts


‘It gets sweltering hot in that store.. I’m running around all day’: Worker says she was sent home and told to change over dress code. She was wearing shorts

‘damn wasnt aware we were in middle school. one inch above the knee is craaazy.’


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Bad management can turn the workplace into a battleground, leaving employees feeling undervalued, frustrated, and ready to run for the hills. The impact of poor leadership can range from demoralization to high turnover rates. But seemingly petty and inconsistent rule enforcement is as big a workplace red flag as there is.

Recently, a TikTok video posted by Morgan Matthews (@uglyfatg0thh) shed light on such an incident, capturing the attention of the viewers on the video-sharing platform. Since its upload on June 16, the video has gained significant traction, accumulating 246,500 views in just one day.

In the TikTok video, Matthews shares a frustrating incident at work, which led to her walking out of her shift.

According to the TikToker, her workplace had undergone a change in management, and the new general manager had not been well-received by the staff. 

@uglyfatg0thh “you have to follow dress code” BUT WHY HASNT ANYTHING BEEN SAID BEFORE? and why do i need to fully go home and change? just tell me to not wear them again??? stupid #fyp #foryou #retail #storytime #vent #dresscode #greenscreen ♬ original sound – morgan

“She’s not great. No one liked her. We’ve lost 90% of our staff because no one liked her,” Matthews claims.

The incident in question occurred when the TikToker arrived at work wearing a pair of shorts, which she claimed to have worn regularly without issue. 

”I wore a pair of shorts to work today because our store, the air is not properly controlled and it gets hot. It gets sweltering hot in that store. On top of that, I’m running around all day, I’m gonna sweat my ass off If I don’t wear something breathable. So I wear these shorts to work quite often,” Matthews said in the video, while also stating the shorts were “not provocative.”

The TikToker allegedly approached the manager and asked about her tasks for the day, only to be told that she had to go home and change because her shorts weren’t one inch above the knee and violated the dress code.

“I’m like what? Come again?” Matthews exclaimed in the video while recounting the incident. “I said, OK if I have to leave this store for a 5-hour shift to come back with different pants, I’m not coming back for my shift today,” she added.

Following a brief argument with the manager, Matthews decided to clock out and leave. The manager reportedly marked her absence as a “no call/no show,” despite the fact that she had been present and clocked in for 20 minutes.

The TikToker concluded the video by sharing that this incident, combined with her general dissatisfaction with the manager’s leadership, made her decide to submit her two weeks’ notice that Friday.

In the comment section of the video, many viewers are expressing their disbelief and frustration over the situation.

One comment read, “Why didn’t she just say ‘hey next time wear something different’ (even though it shouldn’t matter) like sending you home is ridiculous.”

Another comment echoed the sentiment, saying, “Damn, wasn’t aware we were in middle school. One inch above the knee is craaazy.”

“I have never seen women’s shorts cut to end 1″ above the knee, where the hell can even get them?” a third commenter questioned.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Morgan Matthews via Instagram direct messages for comment.

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