Melton Cafe Kebab employee checking out customer with caption 'Me ignoring the card being declined when I see a parent buying food for their kids'


‘When I was a manager and if it was made I would just give it to them’: Worker ignores when single parent’s card gets declined

'I’ve payed for them before. It breaks my heart.'


Melody Heald


Posted on Aug 16, 2023

A Melton Cafe Kebab worker went viral on TikTok for revealing what she does when a parent’s card gets declined.

The trending clip was posted by Melton Cafe Kebab (@melton_cafe_kebab), a restaurant based in Australia. In the clip, a customer attempts to pay for their food by tapping their phone on the card reader. After a few seconds, the screen unveiled a red “x,” indicating the customer’s card declined.

However, in an on-screen caption, the worker says she ignores declined transactions when the customer is “a parent buying food for their kids.”

“Breaks my heart,” she adds in the video’s caption.

The video amassed 1.6 million views within a day. In the comments section, viewers shared what they’ve done in the cashier’s position.

“When I was a manager and if it was made I would just give it to them. it’s being thrown out otherwise,” one viewer shared.

“I’ve [paid] for a mom’s order when her card declined bc i genuinely couldn’t imagine her kids not eating,” a second wrote.

“When I worked at Panera as a manager I just swiped my manager card and it was magically free,” a third commented.

“Used to do this at the place I worked at, couldn’t stand seeing people unable to afford stuff so I always just said no worries enjoy,” a fourth stated.

The Melton Cafe Kebab worker isn’t the only one to go viral for such an act of kindness. In July, the Daily Dot covered the story of a Subway worker who revealed that she loads the plate up with extra food “when a single parent comes in with two or more kids and it seems like they’re all going to be sharing it.”

The Daily Dot contacted Melton Cafe Kebab via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment for further information.

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*First Published: Aug 16, 2023, 4:52 pm CDT