Women gives out her number while waiting in line for the bar


‘Love is not dead’: Women gives out her number while waiting in line for the bar

‘TikTok, bring me back for the proposal’


Grace Fowler


Posted on Jul 10, 2023

A video on TikTok of a woman giving her number to a man inside of a bar in Boston recently went viral after viewers believed that the two are “meant to be.”

Karina (@rinabeany1) has gained over 9.3 million views and 2 million likes on her video as of Monday afternoon. 

@rinabeany1 hot girl summer has ignited #boston #easy #summer #bostontiktok ♬ Just A Girl – No Doubt

In the video, Karina’s friend Madison is waiting in a line outside to get into the bar and finds a man through the window asking for her number. Madison then uses her fingers to sign her phone number through the window to the man. 

The man confirms her number by immediately calling her. When she picks up the phone, you see him mouth something through the window. Viewers and commenters believe he said, “Where are we going next?” or “When are we going out?” 

“This man said give me your number and I went digit by digit,” Madison (@madisonmorini) said in the comment section of Karina’s video. 

“Hot girl summer has ignited,” Karina said.

As viewers are invested in this video, they have left comments saying things like “We need updates!” and “This is very cute. 10/10. Please get married immediately. Thank you. ” 

Karina has yet to update the audience on Madison’s night, but this doesn’t stop viewers from believing the two are meant to be.

“Bring me back for the wedding, TikTok,” a commenter said. 

User Kevin (@kevinjabar707) commented, “Haha, just to update everyone, he’s my friend and he is now in love with her.”

“Oh heavens please let that be true,” another comment read. 

The videos virality maybe has something to do with its hopeful nature. Especially compared to recent headlines about dating nightmares: The woman who caught the guy she was seeing secretly stalking her from a burner Instagram, landlord who asked out his tenant on Hinge, and online date that ended when the man refused to pay for a woman’s $3 cheese upgrade on a burger are stark reminders of how rough the dating market can be.

Karina did not respond to a request for comment from the Daily Dot via TikTok comments section. 

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*First Published: Jul 10, 2023, 3:33 pm CDT