young woman with red eyes and caption 'idk but since wearing those SHEIN lashes somethings different...' (l) fake lashes (c) young woman with caption 'Took over a month to heal, but I'm legally blind still.' (r)


‘I wore Temu lashes once and my lashes have been itchy since’: Shein customer says ‘contaminated’ pack of lashes permanently blinded her

'I will definitely be washing my lashes now… I have some coming.'


Tiffanie Drayton


Posted on Aug 16, 2023

One Shein customer blames the company’s lashes for severely damaging her eyes.

In a viral video that has amassed 595,000 views, TikTok user Mika Middleton (@Mika) says she is now legally blind after wearing a pair of lashes she bought from the online retailer.

@mikaneila #stitch with @Mika lawd please i cant even see with my glasses. #shein #sheinfail #sheinlashes ♬ original sound – Mika

In the clip, Middleton lip-syncs to a song as a text overlay reads, “IDK but since wearing those SHEIN lashes, something different.” Her eyes appear extremely red and seem to be irritated or infected.

The video then transitions into a second clip in which Middleton’s eyes appear recovered.

“Took over a month to heal, but I’m legally still blind,” she writes in a text overlay.

In the comments section, Middleton further explained that she had used the lashes before but only recently had issues with a specific pair.

“Gotta be some with your eyes,” one user commented. “I’ve been wearing Shein lashes for like 2 years now.”

“I was using them for years also,” the content creator responded. “Even the same kind, but this packet was obviously contaminated. :( I used my usual glue.”

Others argued that it was likely her glue or an allergy, and not Shein’s lashes, that was to blame.

“Girl it’s def the glue all I use is shein lashes and idk how a lash would do that to an eye,” one viewer argued.

“Babe you might be forming a latex allergy my eyes do this now with every lash or any glue because I was lazy and slept with it on causing contact derm,” another added.

Nonetheless, it appears others have experienced issues with lashes from fast fashion retailers.

“I wore temu lashes Once and my lashes have been itchy since,” one commenter wrote.

According to Howerton Eye Clinic, using false lashes does run the risk of developing an eye infection or allergic reactions. The site also explained that there is also a risk of corneal injury.

The Daily Dot contacted Mika Middleton via TikTok comment and Shein and Temu via email for more information.

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*First Published: Aug 16, 2023, 5:35 am CDT