Woman pays for service to move her car across the country

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‘That RAV4 is in Tijuana rn’: Woman pays for service to move her car across the country. It backfires

‘Noted. Add a tracker to car if ever transporting it cross-country.’


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A TikToker recently took to the platform to recount a mishap with a car-shipping service that left her wondering if she’d ever see her Toyota RAV4 again.

The video, which was posted by Kat Wellington (@washyourpillowcases) on August 10, has quickly gone viral, accumulating over 2.8 million views in just one day.


I’ll update yall in a couple days 😍😍😍 rip my rav maybe

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“Two days ago, I met up with this random guy in a parking lot and we exchanged about three words and I gave him my car to ship from Maryland to California,” Kat said in the video.

However, things took a turn when she received a text from the transportation company regarding her car. “We will pick up tomorrow,” it read.

Kat continued, “I said, ‘My car has already been picked up?’ and they said, ‘? the driver is coming tomorrow for pickup.’”

“And I’m just kinda wondering if I will ever see my RAV4 again,” she went on. “And I love her so much, and I’m happy that she’s having, like, this independent journey, but I would like to have it back so…”

The video quickly went viral, with many viewers running to the comments section to share their reactions.

“Your RAV4? You mean THEIR RAV4…” joked one user.

“That RAV4 is in Tijuana rn,” another chimed in.

“Eat, Pray, Love, RAV4 Edition,” joked someone.

“Noted. Add a tracker to car if ever transporting it cross-country or whatever,” a commenter wrote.

“You are… so calm,” one person observed.

“‘I would like to have it back’ how are you not full blown melting down cause I would be LOSING IT,” echoed another user.

“If you love something, let it go,” someone else quipped.

With the situation still unresolved, Kat has promised to keep her followers in the loop about the status of her RAV4, writing in the video’s description, “I’ll update y’all in a couple days.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Kat Wellington via email for comment.

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