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‘I have no idea where everyone got the idea they need to drink SO much water’: Doctor tells woman she’s drinking too much water

‘Wait, how much water are we supposed to be drinking then?’


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In the past few years, the promotion of water drinking has become popular on TikTok. Users show off their water bottles, make their own “WaterTok” recipes, and even reveal what kind of water one should drink in certain situations.

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This is despite the fact that, in the United States, underhydration isn’t really a problem. Although numerous studies have grabbed headlines proclaiming that the country is “under-hydrated,” the reality is that, if one is concerned about their hydration levels but feels hydrated, they are likely hydrated enough for their body.

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“If you’re a healthy person worried about hydration, odds are, you’re getting plenty,” writes author Katherine J. Wu for The Atlantic. Wu goes on to note that experts disagree about just how much water one needs in a day, how best to measure hydration, or even which beverages are best for hydrating.

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While there does not appear to be many downsides to having too much water, TikTok user Taylor Donoghue (@taylordonoghuee) says she’s reconsidering her hydration habits after a visit to the doctor.

Why you might be drinking too much water

In a clip with over 964,000 views as of Friday, Donoghue says she “just paid $500 to be told by a doctor that I just need to drink less water.”

“I am that friend that would use the bathroom like every hour,” Donoghue reveals. “Honestly, wake up in my sleep—it’s gotten out of control.”

To resolve this issue, Donoghue says she visited a urologist, who immediately spotted the 40oz water bottle that Donoghue was carrying with her. The TikToker claims she drinks three of these bottles per day.

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“She was like, ‘God, no, that’s way too much. Just slowly cut back or space it out more, and I think you’ll see great results. I don’t wanna throw pills or medicine or crazy catheters at you at 23,’” Donoghue recalls. “So I guess that’s good news.”


Let’s hope her advice works lol basically I am nuts hahahaha

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In a follow-up video, Donoghue adds that she was not drinking water because she was thirsty; rather, she was making herself drink water because she was told it was healthy.

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“Growing up, you’re told to drink a ton of water, water will fix everything, water will make your skin clear, keep you healthy and full longer,” she details. “So that’s kind of why I was doing it. Not necessarily that I was super thirsty, I was just forcing it.”

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Commenters agree with her doctor

In the comments section, many users noted that Donoghue could simply be drinking too much water, with some admitting to having the same issue.

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“I’m an MD. I have no idea where everyone got the idea they need to drink SO much water,” wrote a user.

“Yesss no need to flush yourself with water, he’s so right!” added another. “Water is important, but too much water can be harmful as well! Pelvic floor work, probioticss.”

“Funny story..we had a patient who came in for frequent urination, 20 min into the apt she goes ‘dr i drink 8 coffees a day, could that affect things?’” recalled a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Donoghue via email.

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