worker holding icing in piping bag at bakery with caption 'I HAVE TO BE AT WORK IN 10 MINUTES AND THE BAKER ISN'T HERE TO WRITE ON THE CAKE!!' (l) woman writing on cake with icing (c) office birthday party with cake (r)

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‘The cake writer isn’t here’: Woman has to decorate own birthday cake in grocery store

‘That’s what I get for going to the grocery store and not pre-ordering!’


Melody Heald


A woman went viral after taking matters into her own hands by decorating her own birthday cake away a grocery store.

The video featured TikTok user Caroline Collins (@carolineontv) who stood in the bakery section at a grocery store holding an icing tube.

“I have to be at work in ten minutes and the cake writer isn’t here,” Collins told her 1.6 million followers. As a result, Collins took matters into her own hands by writing the birthday message for her and her boss.


THE DIRTY 30 CHAOS or “CAKE-OS”🚨 I was not about to walk into work with a blank cake! #fyp #dirty30 #newsanchor

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In red icing, Collins wrote sloppily, “Happy BDAY Susan and CC. 30!” Then, the camera jumped to the content creator in the car with the cake on her lap on her way to work. With two minutes to spare, she and her co-worker arrived.

“We’re just gonna make it. 1:28. I wanted to walk in with a cake. Not for my birthday. For my boss’s birthday,” she said. “Meeting starts at 1:30.”

Next, the scene cut to the content creator pushing a cart into the room. Afterward, she was in the room with the cake on the table and a “30” balloon. Lastly, the next scene revealed her eating a piece of cake and surrounded by gifts from coworkers.

“I cannot believe I pulled that off,” Collins said. “It made the 1:30 meeting a lot of fun. Man, why do I always get myself into this?”

The video wrapped up with a photo of Collins and her boss.

“THE DIRTY 30 CHAOS or ‘CAKE-OS’ I was not about to walk into work with a blank cake!” she wrote in the caption.

The Daily Dot reached out to Collins via Instagram direct message and TikTok comment for more information. The video amassed 1 million views as of August 1, where viewers condemned the bakery.

“As a bakery manager, this makes me upset! All my employees are trained to write on cakes if I’m not there,” one viewer wrote.

“They did u dirty with that huge tip for the piping,” a second commented.

“So dirty with that tip! What the heck! We would have been fired if we used a tip like that in my bakery!” a third criticized.

Collins responded in the comments, “Yeah… the cake was terrible. That’s what I get for going to the grocery store and not pre-ordering!”

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