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‘So sad we had to do this, like FEED YOUR WORKERS’: Wingstop worker has to get friend to place wing order they don’t intend to pick up so he can eat

‘When they didn’t show up, I had wings to take home because we would just throw them away.’


Braden Bjella


A former Wingstop worker has sparked discussion after claiming he had a scheme to ensure he got free food at the end of the workday.

In a video with over 1.1 million views, TikTok user Caleb ( recounts his method for scoring some extra wings for free.

“When I worked at wingstop I would have my friends call and order 30 garlic parm wings in the last 30min of us closing so when they didn’t show up I had wings to take home because we would just throw them away,” Caleb wrote in the text overlaying the video.

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In the comments section, Caleb noted that he worked at Wingstop when he was 17, which was nine years ago. He described his current self as “reformed.”

While Caleb may have changed, many commenters noted that this is a common practice for those working in the food service industry.

“Lol yooo I worked at wingstop and did the exact same thing in hs,” alleged a user.

“We did this at BWW! We would ‘call in’ an order with what everyone working wanted and no one would come pick it up…so we’d eat it,” added another.

“I did this in HS working at Pizza Hut,” recounted a third. “Would sell the wings at lunch.”

“I did this at Domino’s often lol,” alleged an additional TikToker.

Some users chastised Wingstop for not providing employees with free food in the first place.

“So sad we had to do this, like FEED YOUR WORKERS, LITERALLY A RESTAURANT,” reads one highly-favorited comment.

“Bringing your own food to a restaurant is absurd,” agreed a second.

Zippia claims that Wingstop provides workers with one free shift meal; however, some reviews on GlassDoor indicate that this is only provided once a worker has reached a certain number of hours in a day.

That said, many complimented Caleb’s ingenuity.

As one user put it, “Work smarter not harder.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Wingstop and Caleb via email.

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