Ex-Ross worker reveals why employees don't talk to you

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‘I’ve literally never seen a check out line slower’: Ex-Ross worker reveals why employees don’t talk to you


Melody Heald


Posted on Sep 9, 2023

A former Ross Dress For Less employee spills the tea as to why workers don’t talk to customers: She says they’re not allowed.

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The video features TikTok user @drag0nsp1t, who says, “Ross employees don’t get paid to talk to you. “It’s actually advised against. Ross employees literally are not allowed to have a conversation with you.”

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@drag0nsp1t ex ross employee spills on why ross employees dont talk to you :P #fyp #ross #rossdressforless ♬ original sound – monster splash

Why? @drag0nsp1t says it’s because Ross employees are timed on every task. For example, the emptying blue wins on the sales floor is expected to take an hour. @drag0nsp1t says even organizing different sections of the store is timed.

Furthermore, cashiers were not exempt. “The cashier is timed on literally everything they do,” @drag0nsp1t revealed. According to the content creator, cashiers are timed on how quickly they scanned the items and bagged them. Additionally, @drag0nsp1t says there could be consequences for not being fast enough. “You get written up,” she says. “And yes, you can get written up for having a conversation with a customer.”

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The video amassed more than 94,000 views within 24 hours. The explanation resonated with commenters claiming to be former and current Ross employees.

“i almost got a write up cause i wouldn’t rush people at checkout,” one viewer wrote.

“One time I got in trouble cause I used to fold the clothes before bagging then an old lady berated me because I didn’t fold her clothes. U can’t win,” a second stated.

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On the other hand, there were some users who said they didn’t have this experience.

“I worked at Ross for 2 years, they never told us that and I did talk to customers if they needed help,” one user remarked.

“Uhm, I’m a ross employee and I was never told that if I talk to a customer too long that [I’m] getting written up,” a second commented.

@drag0nsp1t responded, “they never outright told me that that was a possibility, but they disguise it as doing things that slow you down.”

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One viewer quipped, “I’ve literally never seen a check out line slower than Ross so whatever they’re doing isn’t working.”

This isn’t the first time an issue with alleged policies at Ross has gone viral online. Last month, a couple on TikTok said security told them they couldn’t drink water or feed their baby in the store. Earlier this year, an employee showed the paper award she received for her five-year work anniversary. In 2021, another Ross worker went viral after exposing her manager over the store’s PA system.

The Daily Dot reached out to @drag0nsp1t via TikTok comment and DM and Ross via media contact for comment.

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*First Published: Sep 9, 2023, 3:08 pm CDT

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