Hacker group that enjoys tweaking celebrities strikes again. 

Whitney Cummings, creator and writer of the eponymous NBC show Whitney, has fallen victim to Twitter hackers.

The actor lost control of her Twitter account on Tuesday night, when a member of the Clan Vv3 hacker group gained access. Dictate, a “trusted member” of the collective, was responsible for posting a string of tweets, some of which were inflammatory and potentially not-safe-for-work, to Cummings’s 632,000 followers.

Cummings regained control of her account shortly before midnight ET on Tuesday. She deleted the tweets posted by Dictate, and apologized for the incident: “Hey guys I was obviously hacked. I’m so sorry you had to read that disgusting garbage. Love, Whitney.”

Clan Vv3 states its primary purpose is “to invoke emotional responses from people through as many ways as possible.” This requires members to be “a semi-decent troll and/or hacker.” The group also took over the Twitter account of radio and TV personality Manny Streetz Tuesday. It hijacked several other Twitter accounts in March, including that of The X Factor finalist Stacy Francis.

Cummings’s own tweets are not exactly SFW. The last thing she tweeted before she was hacked was, “If you have to unbutton your pants to show me your tattoo, you have hepatitis.”

Photo via Twitter; screenshots by Jordan Valinsky


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