WFH pharmacy technician gets zero calls in 1 hour.


‘Someone please share where y’all are working’: WFH pharmacy technician says she received 0 calls in 1 hour. Viewers are jealous

‘Literally never quitting.’


Brooke Sjoberg


With the advent of work-from-home during the COVID-19 pandemic, the popularity of this working location still holds strong. Many who work remotely have taken to platforms like TikTok to brag about how little they actually work, inevitably prompting viewers to ask where they found such a job.

In a recent update from poster @dailydose_oftee, who frequently makes content on TikTok about the infrequency of calls she receives working from home as a pharmacy technician, she says she will go for an hour at a time without any calls.

The video shows a work system screen with no calls in the queue, next to a timer showing just over an hour has passed since her last call.

“When you work from home and your phone hasn’t rung in an hour,” a text overlay on the video reads.

@dailydose_oftee EASSSSY MONEY 😎#wfhlife #workfromhome # #pharmacytechnician #blackgirlinmedicine #workfromhomejobs ♬ original sound – Top Say 🩸

The Daily Dot reached out to @dailydose_oftee regarding the video via Instagram direct message.

Multiple viewers wrote in the comments section that their own work-from-home jobs were never this slow—and they couldn’t imagine it ever changing.

“Lol ours constantly had 50+ in queue,” one commenter wrote. “10 hrs a day and they did not allow wireless headsets. Felt like a dog with a chain. Never again.”

“I wish! apple could never. 3mins max,” another user said.

“Brooo tell me why mine would not stop ringing,” one viewer shared. “It got to the point hearing the ring was worse then hearing my alarm go off in the morning.”

Others shared that they similarly received few calls throughout the day, praising their jobs and sharing that they intended to never quit.

“My job,” a commenter wrote. “18/hr and I literally get 1-2 calls an hour. Literally never quitting.”

“My phone didn’t ring for 2.5 hours today,” another said. “Straight was playing on my personal computer.”

“I kid you not, one time on this project for the month of December we had zeroooo calls, we literally got paid to sit down & do NADA,” a commenter wrote.

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