Wendy's drive thru menu with $7 Biggie Bag on sign with caption 'I swear they used to be $5' (l) Wendy's drive thru with sign (c)

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‘I thought biggie bags were 5 bucks’: Customer finds $6 and $7 stickers placed on Wendy’s drive-thru menu

‘I need a 2nd job to order a large Frosty.’


Braden Bjella


Once considered a budget option, fast food prices around the country are going up considerably. According to a January article from CNET, fast food prices have increased by an average of 13%, slightly outpacing the cost of groceries.

This recent rise has been noted across the internet, with users frequently sharing stories of price increases to viral success. One user noted the substantial rise in KFC’s prices. Another called out McDonald’s over the same issue.

Now, a user is pointing the finger at Wendy’s and noting just how much their prices have gone up.

In a video with over 615,000 views, TikTok user Yarely (@yarelytoralll) notes at her location, the “Biggie Bag,” which was $5 as of September of last year, now costs $6 or $7 depending on the order. In her video, Yarely shows that the previous prices have been covered by a sticker.

“I swear they used to be $5,” wrote Yarely in the text overlaying the video.

@yarelytoralll I thought biggie bags were 5 bucks 😀😃😒 #fy #wendyshasmessedup #wendysbiggiebag #wendys #fy #wendys #foru ♬ Your joking – n0ggernUtter

In the comments section, many users voiced their disappointment with rising food prices at fast food restaurants.

“I stopped going to Wendy’s. All the combos over $10,” claimed a user.

“Regular combo is $11,” stated a second. “I told the lady I can go get a $13 steak across the street. I left, not worth those prices.”

“Wendy’s prices are INSANE now,” detailed a further TikToker. “I need a 2nd job to order a large frosty that comes in the kiddie cup.”

While many fast food chains have increased their prices, some claim that Wendy’s has outpaced the trend of price increases. According to an article published in December, Wendy’s increased their prices by 35% from 2021. For context, the average menu item at Taco Bell increased by 14.6% over the same period of time.

That said, it doesn’t seem that the $5 biggie bag’s days are over yet, as many users claimed that they are still available in their market.

“They still have the $5 biggie bag. I just ordered it last night for my kids,” stated a commenter.

“I legit went three days ago and it was $5,” recalled another.

The Daily Dot reached out to Wendy’s and Yarely via email for more information. 

Many were still dismayed by the ubiquity of high prices demonstrated in Yarely’s clip.

“Its literally getting impossible to live like this,” said a commenter. “its bad enough regular groceries are getting expensive.”

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