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‘At this point just close it down temporarily’: Wendy’s drive-thru worker tells customer they’re out of nearly everything, including Frosties, Strawberry Lemonade, and potatoes

'I work at Dunkin' and we literally had no donuts one morning.'


Braden Bjella


Posted on Jun 18, 2023

It’s not uncommon for restaurants to occasionally run out of items. However, with fast-food chains, the simple act of running out of items can be jarring for customers and employees alike.

This may be one of the reasons why so many videos of fast-food restaurants running out of items have gone viral. In October 2022, a user’s clip on TikTok went viral after claiming her Burger King location was out of eggs, onions, burger wraps, mustard, and even the carbonation for drinks. A month later, a Chipotle customer received a bowl of steak and tortillas after the store allegedly ran out of all other items.

There are many more examples of this as well, ranging from fast food locations like Popeyes to coffee shop chains like Starbucks.

Now, a similar incident at Wendy’s has gone viral. In a clip with over 430,000 views as of Sunday, TikTok user @theblackgirlwithglasses1 shows a Wendy’s employee reading out a list of unavailable items to a drive-thru customer. These items include Frosties, chili, all salads, Strawberry Lemonade, and potatoes.

@theblackgirlwithglasses1 he yelled at her afterwards n didnt know how we was out of potatoes😭#fyp #wendys ♬ original sound – 🌚

“He yelled at her afterwards n didnt know how we was out of potatoes,” the TikToker wrote in the caption. In a comment, the TikToker added that the employee in the video quit following its filming.

Commenters were quick to share their own stories of restaurants running out of items.

“I work at McDonald’s and once we were out of fries, hamburger meat, frappes/smoothies, and icecream,” a user recalled. “It was so scary taking orders.”

“One time my pizza restaurant ran out of cheese,” another said.

“I got yelled at by a customer bc I told him we were out of bread,” a third added. “He did not like that I said that.”

“I work at dunkin and we literally had no donuts one morning,” claimed an additional TikToker.

“I once worked at Starbucks and our espresso machines were broken,” alleged another commenter. “So basically a coffee shop with no coffee.”

Some users were surprised that the restaurant was even open at all given these missing items.

As one user put it, “At this point just close it down temporarily.”

We’ve reached out to Wendy’s via email and @theblackgirlwithglasses1 via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jun 18, 2023, 7:45 am CDT