Delivery driver issues PSA about furniture from Wayfair,

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‘There’s a reason why they want it in the original box’: Delivery driver issues PSA about furniture from Wayfair, explains why company wants you to ship returns back in box


Melody Heald


Posted on Aug 19, 2023

A FedEx delivery driver gave a public service announcement, urging viewers not to order furniture from Wayfair.

The video kicks off with a stitch from tacoreacts, in which he asked, “What’s a company secret that we shouldn’t know but you’re just like, f*ck it up?” Then, it cuts to TikTok user ce88maine. “Don’t buy furniture from Wayfair,” the content creator says. “Because the chances are you are getting something that someone already received and returned.”

He goes on to say that when a customer returns a damaged item, “there’s a reason why they want it in the original box.” Why? “They resell it,” ce88maine explains. “Even though they will send you a replacement, you still have to pay shipping on that item.” He concludes the video by advising viewers to “stop buying from Wayfair.”

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The video accumulated more than 16,000 views as of Aug. 19. Many viewers agreed with the sentiment.

“Agree. I also think they buy closeouts from the factory many of which didn’t pass quality checks to begin with,” one user wrote.

“Lesson learned! I had to pay back the shipping for returning it. I will never buy from them again!” a second concurred.

However, others disagreed with ce88maine’s assessment.

“Unless it’s soft goods like a couch. Wayfair sent the wrong color but told me to keep it and sent another. They told me they could not receive it back,” one user commented.

“Not true. I ordered a bathroom cabinet and box was damaged and they sent a new one and let me keep old one so i have 2 now,” a second remarked.

ce88maine had a response to those comments: “The amount of times I have delivered and then picked up furniture from wayfair is too many to count.”

So, does Wayfair resell returned items? According to the company’s website, the answer is yes. Wayfair takes back unused items up to 30 days after initial delivery, and resells them to other customers. In some cases, the items may end up marked clearance.

The Daily Dot reached out to ce88maine via TikTok and Wayfair via press email for comment.

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*First Published: Aug 19, 2023, 10:09 pm CDT