Walmart has sale on Gatorade person buys them in large quantities.

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‘I would so do that’: Walmart puts white Gatorade on sale for 16 cents per bottle. He buys $350 worth of Gatorade for $50

‘I did this last year when the hot cheetos were 39 cents.’


Jack Alban


Buying in bulk can save you a lot of money, especially when it comes to products you use frequently or ones with a long shelf life. Occasionally, stores offer great deals that don’t necessarily require a bulk purchase to be beneficial, but some folks take full advantage anyway.

That’s what one Gatorade devotee did after they spotted Walmart “accidentally” selling the white, or “Glacier Cherry,” variant of the popular sports drink for only 16 cents a bottle.

In a video with over 3 million views, TikToker @hairxbyxmadi shows her boyfriend taking advantage of the sale to buy $350 worth of white Gatorade at an incredibly reduced price.


Literally 13 flats….$350 worth of gatorade for less than $50🤣

♬ original sound – faus

The video begins with the TikToker’s boyfriend pushing a cart containing bottles and bottles of the stuff before the camera pans over to even more Glacier Cherry Gatorade resting on a shelf in the self-checkout aisle.

The clip then transitions to show the interior of a car’s back seat filled with Gatorade bottles as a text overlay reads: “When Walmart accidentally puts white Gatorade on for 16 cents a bottle so your boyfriend buys every last one.”

The TikToker adds in the caption that they got “$350 worth of gatorade for less than $50.”

In the comments section, viewers joked about the TikToker’s large purchase.

One commenter, who seems to dislike the flavor of white Gatorade so much that even 16 cents a bottle is too much to pay, said: “It’s white Gatorade… that’s overpriced.”

“They’re going to call you crying ‘please bring it back,’” a second wrote.

“Then gets sick of white Gatorade after the first bottle,” another quipped. In response, @hairxbyxmadi wrote, “that’s why we donated some of it there’s no way we can drink it all to ourselves.”

Other TikTokers relayed their own stories of low-priced finds.

“My mom bought me about 5 pairs of the same pajama pants because they were a cent,” said one viewer.

“There was beefaroni on sale for 18 cents a can,” another shared. “I bought all of them, there was like 2 cases only though but food for the week lol.”

While most commenters applauded @hairxbyxmadi for capitalizing on the deal, not everyone agreed with the TikToker.

“‘Let me buy all of them so nobody else can score on the great price as well,’” one viewer sarcastically remarked.

The Daily Dot contacted Walmart and @hairbyxmadi via email for further comment.

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