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This Week in Walmart: Spaghetti chicken

Walmart TikToks went hard this week.


Jack Alban


A slew of different Walmart stories went viral on TikTok this week, including yet another customer who complained about finding mold on newly packaged food they found chilling on a store shelf, and a shopper who managed to secure themselves a number of free and heavily discounted products using popular money-saving applications.

Due to the sheer number of folks who frequent Walmart on a daily basis, either as employees and shoppers, it’s no surprise that there are a staggering number of TikToks that deal with the globally popular retail chain.

These are some of the craziest Walmart stories that dominated TikTok feeds this week, however. Let’s get into it.

Moldy ham/pizza dough

A TikToker urged other Walmart shoppers to thoroughly check any perishable goods that they plan on purchasing from the massive retailer, as they showed off a package of Great Value black forest ham that was sporting what looked like mold spores on the swinish meat.

Another user on the popular social media platform also had some mold-centric griped with Walmart after exposing that several packages of pizza dough were also rocking mold in a viral clip of their own. Numerous folks chimed in the comments section of both of these videos that they’re sure to be on their toes whenever they’re planning on buying food from Walmart that needs to be consumed in a relatively short amount of time.

Pallets, pallets, they all fall down

A Walmart’s stocking team faced criticism after a massive pallet of double-stacked water came creaking and then crashing down, leaving several TikTok users to wonder just who in their right mind thought it’d be a good idea to position the cases of H20 in that matter.

There were some people in the comments section of the video who said that they never had an issue stacking water and that there were actually safe ways to engage in this storage practice, but some online resource begged to differ.

Deals, deals, deals

While grocery store inflation has left throngs of shoppers feeling significant wallet burn, one Walmart shopper showed off an array of enticing deals that they were able to earn through applications like Swagbucks, Shopmium, and Ibatta, filling up their carts with a slew of relatively low-priced offerings.

The TikToker utilized a series of rebates which were, in some cases, greater than the cost of the products themselves, meaning that they were ultimately able to get them for free. Sure, shoppers may have to ultimately purchase brands that they’re not used to getting, but it’s hard to argue with free.

$1 for carts

A Canadian Walmart shopper blasted a “gadget” that charges customers a $1 fee to use a cart, which they got up in arms about. However, several users noted that folks can get back their dollar coin back if they return the cart, which is a practice that other stores like Aldi in the states implement, in order to help reduce overheard charges.

As number of people who replied to the video didn’t seem as outraged as the TikToker who blasted the $1 shopping cart charge, because, again, all one needs to do to get their $1 back is to return the cart, so the litany of middle-finger flip-offs they gave to the carts and the Walmart store seemed a bit gratuitous to those who watched the clip.

Stringy chicken?

A Walmart shopper thought they purchased “lab grown” chicken at Walmart, demonstrating how strangely easy it was to pull the poultry apart in a viral TikTok clip.

However, the TikTok user wasn’t highlighting artificially grown protein, but rather a type of food that the Wall Street Journal refers to as “spaghetti meat,” which is safe to eat. However, the customer who purchased the chicken wasn’t exactly happy with his purchase and he tried to get his money back for it… which some users criticized as he only returned to the Walmart store with his receipt and not the package of spaghetti’ed chicken in question.

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