Walmart shopper says someone hit his Jeep

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‘$20 ain’t gonna cover that’: Walmart shopper says someone hit his Jeep. They leave him a note and $20. Viewers don’t buy it

'At least they left a note.'


Phil West


Posted on Aug 19, 2023

A Walmart shopper claims he came back to his car after shopping to find someone did a number on his car in the parking lot. What’s more, whoever did it put a number on doing that number—a $20 bill with a note on his windshield to “cover” the damages.

The video showing the insufficient gesture comes from Cedar City, Utah-based creator @trent_of_all_trades, getting more than 7.6 million views since going up on Thursday.

The video applies a cartoon voice to the serious subject matter, starting with, “So I just left Walmart. Put my groceries in the Jeep, put my cart back, got in and started to leave and I noticed there was a note on the window.”

The note read, “I hit your Jeep and I’m sorry. I don’t have insurance but here’s $20.”

The narration continues, “What in the world?”

Then, showing considerable damage to the passenger side of the car, Trent adds, “What in the world? $20 ain’t going to cover that!”

@trent_of_all_trades Someone hit my car in the parking lot and left me a lovely note, letting me know #sorry #leftanote #noinsurance #harborfreight #justajoke ♬ original sound –

At least one commenter, though, was skeptical and accused the creator of staging the incident.

“Trying to blame someone else for your shitty driving,” that commenter alleged. “Here is the plastic skirting from the bottom of the door. bet you left it after you hit something.”

Another wondered, “Nice of the other person to sweep up all the pieces.”

As it turns out, though, the caption explained what actually happened for those who dug deep enough to read it.

It’s a two-parter, starting with, “Someone hit my car in the parking lot and left me a lovely note, letting me know.” But then, Trent reveals, “j/k, a drunk driver hit me and I’m making lemonade from life’s lemons in an attempt to make people laugh.” (Which also explains why the $20 bill was able to stay unswiped on a windshield in a Walmart parking lot.)

@trent_of_all_trades Replying to @raven_shade_ no insurance and no valid driver’s license. Thankfully, i have uninsured motorist protection. I’m just making silly videos for laughs until State Farm takes the Jeep. It’s totaled. 🥺 #drunk #drunkdriving #uninsured ♬ original sound –

That launched a conversation about car insurance, with one commenter saying, “Did the drunk driver that actually hit you have insurance or was it a hit and run?”

Another remarked, regarding insurance, “I hate insurance and think it’s a scam but do I still pay my $100 a month and still have a deductible I can’t pay if I do get in a wreck? Yup.”

Trent clarified, in an interview with the Daily Dot, that he created the video at his hometown Walmart in Cedar Creek, and shared another TikTok video that documented the actual accident that preceded the event.

He says, of his motivation, “I was hit by a drunk driver running a stop sign, so I thought I’d have a little fun before the insurance company buys the Jeep. It’s totaled.”

He went on to say, regarding its virality, “It went viral because it’s an unbelievable story and most people who do believe it were expecting a small ding or scratch. In addition, it’s getting a lot of attention because it’s centered in a parking space with no debris, so people comment pointing that out and the algorithm does its thing based on interaction with viewers.”

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*First Published: Aug 19, 2023, 10:42 am CDT