Walmart worker notice's unusual activity on the self-checkout machine when scanning goods

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‘Walmart y’all trying to rob folk on the low‘: Walmart customer notices unusual activity on the self-checkout machine when scanning goods

‘That would have been $17 that I paid for.’


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A Walmart customer recently pulled out her phone and hit record when she noticed something peculiar on the self-checkout screen. As she scanned her groceries, she noticed an item mysteriously appeared in her cart. The problem? She claims she hadn’t scanned anything resembling it.

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The video, posted by Jazmine Ashley (@jazmineashley06) on March 31 has quickly gone viral, accumulating over 929,700 views in just one day.

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“I’m in Walmart shopping,” she begins, with the camera darting between her bags and the register. “And I noticed this, um, as I’m scanning. It ain’t nothing over here that says ‘girls’ nothing—this is food. So how did this get over here? I need to understand this. Somebody’s got to explain, because I know you’re not just adding stuff and people not paying attention.”

@jazmineashley06 Walmart y'all trying to rob folk on the low! #walmart #walmartfinds #fyp ♬ original sound – 🌻 Jazmine Ashley🌻

The item in question? A label reading “Girls Casual.” A quick search on Walmart’s online store suggests the label was intended for a clothing item.

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“That would have been $17 that I paid for, that I didn’t even know was on there,” she complains to a Walmart employee. “I’m not blaming you, I’m not upset with you. It’s not your fault. I’m just saying somebody’s got to tell me something. That’s crazy. Ain’t no extra stickers, ain’t no clothes in there. That’s literally frozen food items.”

In the comments section of the video, viewers shared similar experiences, with one saying, “YES this has happened to me more than once and the first time it was a $80 item and the second time around $10. I always check now.”

Another commenter remarked, “I would’ve voided the transaction and rescan the stuff to see what’s scanning the $16. That’s crazy!”

A self-proclaimed Walmart employee chimed in, offering an explanation: “My guess is that whoever labeled out the items to put them on the shelves had labeled the items wrong and it will [be] scanned as something else.”

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Recent TikTok videos that have brought attention to changes in Walmart’s self-checkout system. One viral video showed empty self-checkout bays at a busy Walmart, leading to speculation about the potential end of self-checkout. In another video, a TikToker made claims that Walmart has now begun charging for self-checkout.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Jazmine Ashley via TikTok comment and to Walmart via its media relations contact form.

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