Walmart worker finds popcorn chicken in the school supply aisle

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‘This is my day in the life as a Walmart employee’: Walmart worker finds popcorn chicken in the school supply aisle. And it’s growing mold

‘Can someone please explain to me why y’all cannot keep this clean?’


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A Walmart worker documenting her day on the job made it known that a lot of her shift was spent cleaning up after customers. That included one customer who inexplicably left a container of popcorn chicken on a shelf in the school supply aisle—for so long that it started growing mold.

The TikTok documenting this difficult day comes from creator Millie (@millieaklaus), and it garnered more than 82,600 views since going up on the platform Aug. 14.

She started by saying, “This is my day in the life as a Walmart employee,” prefacing a montage of scenes throughout the store but largely focused on a school supply aisle in disarray, with pencils and folders scattered throughout the shelves.

@millieaklaus Day in the Life as a Walmart Employee #walmart #working #hatemyjob #whattheheckisgoingon #moldychickennuggets ♬ original sound – Millie😅

That’s where the popcorn chicken first comes in the picture. “Literally, pencils everywhere,” she says, surveying the scene, “and then I think these are some old chicken nuggets.” Confirming that’s the case, she wails, “Straight up, these things are moldy.”

She assesses the dire state of the shelves, noting that some items are taken out of their boxes, and some are broken.

She eventually gets to other parts of the store, including the one she claims is the part of the store she actually works at. She then returns to the popcorn chicken, dismayed to see that they fell off the shelf, presumably her responsibility to pick up.

She also notes, in one part of the video, that several of her co-workers left for the day, leaving her alone to deal with things. But she also got to a place in her day where she was able to assess, “I have nothing to do because we did everything.”

She finishes her day in perhaps the best way to finish a challenging day: with a Whataburger drive-thru meal successfully procured.

The video was reminiscent of some of the content shared by Dollar Tree workers and shoppers alike, amazed at the mess that customers can generate.

That included one worker who created an elaborate slideshow, including “food hidden anywhere and everywhere” and “day 2 of finding drugs three days in a row.” Daily Dot coverage of this phenomenon also included a worker who marveled at an upside-down and open Hawaiian Punch bottle that appeared to defy natural laws.

But Walmart TikTok content does include the occasional mess. A Walmart worker shared the mystery messes that she found on her journey throughout the store. That brought up horror stories from customers, which included meat hidden under piles of clothing and “a positive pregnancy test while … shopping for paint.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Millie via Instagram direct message and to Walmart via email.

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