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‘I work at Walmart and have never once heard about this’: Shopper shares hack for getting 50% off ‘out of stock’ PlayStation 5 at Walmart

‘I wish I had seen that a couple of weeks ago when I bought mine.’


Braden Bjella


A user on TikTok has gone viral and sparked debate after claiming that Walmart shoppers can get 50% off of an item—if the item is listed as in stock but is not actually in stock.

In a video with over 1.3 million views, TikTok user Josh Borishade (@bamn._josh) lays out the trick in a staged conversation with a Walmart employee.

“According to your policy, if the website states that the item is ‘in stock,’ [and] I get to the store and it’s not there, I’m entitled to 50% immediate discount,” Borishade tells the fictional employee. The fictional employee then agrees that this is the case.

@bamn._josh Save 50% at Walmart using this Secret #savemoney #walmart #moneysavingtip #bamnjosh ♬ original sound – Bamn._Josh | Finance Coach

Borishade’s video appears to be a copy of a similar video posted by another TikTok creator, Nicholas Giaquinto (@financestrategist).

In Giaquinto’s video, he offers the same tip, even giving an identical example of a Playstation 5.

@financestrategist At Walmart if an item shows as available on the website (and it is not) Walmart must issue a 50% Discount. The reason why they do that is because they did not kept track of inventory correctly and you physically drove to the location, causing you an inconvenience. If thats the case ask the staff to issue 50% discount and deliver the item to your address as soon as it is back in stock. #walmart #savingmoney #personalfinance #financetips #savingstracker ♬ original sound – Nicholas Giaquinto

The only difference is that Giaquinto’s video was posted around April Fool’s Day, leading many to believe it was a joke.

“I work for Walmart… we dont agree to this,” wrote a user. “April fools everyone! nice try!”

Borishade’s video, in contrast, was posted on August 21.

It is unclear whether Borishade was sourcing his information from Giaquinto’s video or an uncited Walmart policy. Walmart’s website does not appear to have a policy matching this description. The Daily Dot reached out to Walmart via its media relations contact form for clarification and comment.

Understandably, TikTokers had a hard time believing that this trick was legitimate.

“I work at Walmart and it’s not true at least in our state,” said a commenter.

“I worked for Walmart, for years, never heard of this,” added another.

“All they say to me when the site says they have it and it’s not in store is ‘sometimes the app is wrong,’” shared a third.

The Daily Dot reached out to Borishade via Instagram direct message and Giaquinto via email.

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