hand holding Walmart seasoning in bottle with caption 'This is getting out of hand!! The seasoning isn't expired as you can see. Something told me to look in the seasoning before adding it to my food and look at this' (l) Walmart building with sign (c) seasonings in bowl with bugs with caption 'I was tripping out when I seen these little brown bugs in it! You guys need to check your seasonings even if they aren't expired. This is gross!!' (r)

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‘The seasoning isn’t expired’: Walmart shopper finds bugs inside Great Value Smoked Paprika

‘This is known to happen with paprika.’


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A Walmart shopper’s clip on TikTok has gone viral after they claimed to have found bugs in her Great Value Smoked Paprika.

In a video with over 2.5 million views as of Friday, TikTok user @rt_hemi345 pours out a package of paprika into a bowl. Bugs are clearly crawling around the powdered spice. As the TikToker shows in the video, the seasoning was not out-of-date.

“I was tripping out when I seen these little brown bugs in it!” the TikToker wrote in the text overlaying the video. “You guys need to check your seasonings even if they aren’t expired. This is gross!!”

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Surprisingly, the expiration date has little to do with this issue. According to HuffPost, the bugs present in the video are called cigarette and drugstore beetles. While all spices can have these beetles hiding within them, paprika is especially prone to this kind of invasion, with the bug typically getting into the spice during the treatment process.

To avoid these bugs, the article advises inspecting the product at the store to make sure it isn’t damaged or, if the packaging is clear, looking at the spice directly to see if bugs are visible. If a spice has already been purchased and one isn’t sure about the presence of bugs, they can put the spices in question into the freezer for four days before use, making sure that your freezer is set below zero degrees Fahrenheit.

No matter if it’s normal or not, TikTokers in the comments section were disgusted by what they saw.

“I’m tired! I’m not eating anything anymore,” a user wrote.

“I’m about to throw out all my seasonings without looking,” another added.

“I’m not strong enough to inspect all my spices without passing out from fear tbh,” shared a third user.

Others offered advice on how to prevent issues like these in the future.

“Get jars that have that rubber band and clasp,” a commenter suggested. “If they are in your house they can’t get through that and once you have it in one they spread to others.”

“I try my best to always switch them to a different bottle for the same reason so i can we if theres lumps or this,” stated a second.

However, some had a simpler approach.

“I just take my chances these days,” declared a commenter. “It ain’t like we making it out alive anyways.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Walmart via its media relations contact form and @rt_hemi345 via TikTok comment.

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