Walmart customer needs to buy 30 lb bag of dog food. It's at the very back of the shelf

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‘Is this bag in Narnia or sum?’: Walmart customer needs to buy 30-pound bag of dog food. It’s at the very back of the shelf

'Nah cuz the way you were ALL THE WAY IN THERE.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jul 28, 2023

There’s something undeniably romantic and admirable about folks who refuse to settle. Whether it’s Harold and Kumar and their unyielding journey to get to White Castle one fateful evening or Arnold Schwarzenegger’s resolve in getting a Turbo Man action figure for his son in Jingle All the Way, this kind of doggedness is celebrated as a triumph of the human spirit that sometimes co-stars Sinbad.

And TikToker Monica Miranda (@monicamiranda856) uploaded her own inspirational story of perseverance after a Walmart customer wouldn’t quit on getting a 30lb bag of dog food pushed to the back of what appears to be the world’s deepest store shelf. The clip went viral, garnering over 714,000 views as of Friday.

@monicamiranda856 The dedication to get dog food. Hey at least they tried to help but she was determined to get the 30lbs bag. #cameraroll #behindthescenes #hilarious #dogfood ♬ original sound – Monica Miranda

The video begins with the Walmart shopper looking at the camera with a concerned expression. She then turns her attention to the store shelf, which sports a negative space between a variety of bags of pet food. She hurls herself into the empty space in an attempt to retrieve an item that must be so popular, customers are purchasing so much of it that there’s only one left stranded at the very back of the shelf.

The shelves at this particular Walmart must be pretty deep, however, as the woman Miranda records has to place her entire body in there, to the point where her legs are lifted up in the air, kicking.

A man off-camera then asks, “Need a hand, young lady?”

She tells the fellow shopper that the bag is “stuck back there” and he begins to inspect the space to assess the situation. The man grunts as he tries to extricate the bag, briefly kicking up a leg of his own to retrieve it.

“It’s in there, it’s in there,” he says, but ultimately fails to get the bag out.

The clip then cuts to a Walmart worker hunched over, peering into the shelf-abyss, before extricating a smaller bag. They show it to the customer who looks at the brand and says, “Yes, that one but the 30lb one.”

The Walmart employee then places the bag to the side and gets right back into the thick of it. He places the majority of his body in the shelf, kicking up both of his legs as well for a second, but must’ve been unsuccessful.

Another smash transition shows that the female customer has decided to quite literally go “all in” on retrieving the bag of dog food. Her entire body has been swallowed by the pit. Her feet are pointed in the air and she shimmies herself backwards to try and remove the bag.

She’s ultimately able to get it pulled to the front of the shelf and worm her way out of the shelf. She takes a few seconds to compose herself, breathing heavily. She fixes her hair, and smiles at the camera, as Miranda laughs off-screen.

The TikToker penned admiration for her friend’s unrelenting attitude to getting the product she wanted in the caption, writing, “The dedication to get dog food. Hey at least they tried to help but she was determined to get the 30lbs bag.”

Viewers were tickled pink by the way things played out.

“I’m losing my mind at the workers legs leaving the ground,” one wrote.

Another said, “Nah cuz the way you were ALL THE WAY IN THERE killed me.”

Others appreciated how the footage in the TikTok was put together.

“The way it cut to her inside the shelf I’m dying,” one user penned.

Someone else remarked, “The way it cuts from the worker to her just ankles deep in a shelf.”

Then there were those who were just shocked at how deep the shelves were and wondered how in the world the product Miranda’s friend was looking for got pushed back there so far.

“Is this bag in Narnia or sum,” someone said.

“Damn how far back does that go,” another person wrote.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Walmart via email and Miranda via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jul 28, 2023, 11:26 am CDT