Woman showing she only received 17 bags of chips in an 18 pack from walmart

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‘It’s the principle’: Viewers defend Walmart customer for complaining about getting only 17 bags of chips in an 18-pack

'Closed mouths don't get fed.'


Jack Alban


Posted on Jun 3, 2023

When you’ve got kids, setting up food prep systems for them can be a crucial way to make sure that they’re not only being fed but are given the independence to easily grab some of their favorite snacks.

A TikToker named Jai (@jai_tha_bae) has a little set-up she uses to hang up single-serving bags of chips she gets for her family to enjoy. However, one day, after hanging up the chips she purchased from Walmart, she says she noticed that there was a bag missing from the new pack—she only received 17 instead of 18.

In the clip, Jai says a family member criticized her for wanting to make a stink about missing a single bag of chips, stating that it wasn’t worth the time to bring up the issue to Walmart. However, the mom disagreed.

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“I’m like, ‘It doesn’t matter,'” Jai recalls in the TikTok. “‘I bought 18 and they only gave me 17, like they need to give me another bag of chips or something.'”

Jai says her cousin told her she would spend more on gas going to Walmart to exchange the bag than the bag of chips was worth.

“First of all, nobody is going to Walmart,” Jai says.

The TikToker says she instead called the customer satisfaction number printed on the bag and got on the line with an employee who initially suggested that she swap out the variety pack with another one at the store.

However, Jai says that this solution doesn’t work for her, as she doesn’t know when she’s going to get the time to head back to the store and that her children already started digging into the bags of chips.

“I was like, ‘Listen, the number on the back says if you are not satisfied call the number. Is this not the number and am I not satisfied?'” Jai recalls telling the employee.

Jai’s refusal to accept the initial solution ultimately netted her a $25 gift card, which the employee offered to her upon coming back on the phone to discuss the chip conundrum with her further.

“Absolutely thank you, thank you,” Jai says. “Guess who finna buy more chips? I hope it’s only 17 in the bag.”

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One viewer commented that the chain, upon hearing complaints from customers, is quick to dish out $25 gift cards to shoppers.

“That’s Walmarts favorite thing to do,” they claimed. “They will $25 gift card you to death lol. I got one when there was a problem with my cake.”

Another said they’re always willing to voice their dissatisfaction with something or speak up about an issue as part of their life philosophy.

“Closed mouths don’t get fed,” they wrote. “Sometimes I’m willing to stick up for myself because I never know what I want will attach to me!”

Another user said the 17-bag multi-pack issue could very well be a widespread problem, so it’s better that she decided to speak up about it now.

“What if all the bags have only 17?” the user shared. “If nobody speaks up, then it’s way more than a 30-cent ripoff.”

The Daily Dot has reached out to Walmart via email and Jai via TikTok comment.

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*First Published: Jun 3, 2023, 9:04 am CDT